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The mission of Beijing CityDNA technology Co. Ltd. (CityDNA hereafter) is to shape the city future with advanced digital technologies. By in-depth defining city issues and offering big data analytical tools & holistic solutions, CityDNA strives in empowering city decision making capabilities to promote sustainable urban development. With a strong theme of sustainable and human oriented development, the team works on city issues including urban forms & spaces, urban environmental issues, public engagement, and society development. CityDNA is specific on assisting planning and decision-making process with data and advanced AI technologies, and at the same time keeping the technical advantage and product competitiveness via innovative working style.

The founder team of CityDNA is comprised with young talents from world leading universities, such as MIT, Columbia University, University of Washington, and Tsinghua University. Maintaining great in-house researching capabilities, CityDNA has abundant achievements in the frontier areas of urban remote sensing and urban modeling using computing visualization and artificial intelligence algorithms. CityDNA has formed sophistical technical solutions for several working areas, which include urban building form assessment, urban traffic diagnosis, public transit system optimization, planning policy evaluation, green building development planning, and environmental protection actions development. In addition, based on Internet technology and new-communication concepts, the team developed a “Pinstreet” online platform to provide efficient public engaging solutions for the government and planning agencies. Pinstreet provides convenient channels for public communication and bridges multi-stakeholder communication for urban spatial, environmental, and livability issues. Since its establishment, CityDNA have applied the above technologies for various stakeholders including many government departments, research institutes, and multilateral development banks in many Chinese cities in China, such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Jinan, Chongqing, Qingdao, and Wuhan.

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