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At CityDNA, we foster a work culture that encourages equality, harmony, free expression and collaboration. Each and every of our employee is valued and respected for his/her unique talent and trait. Different forms of learning atmosphere and room for improvement are available for you to learn more in the work process, the exchanges with colleagues, and the inspiring project practice sharing, while having access to various exchanges, sharing, and training sessions.

Join us, a young, free and passionate team!

Interns are required to work for no less than 2 months. Full-time internship is preferred.

Please send your resume and cover letter to hr@citydnatech.com (CV in PDF format)

Job Responsibilities

  • Support spatial data mining and analysis in areas such as urban planning, transportation and the environment
  • Responsible for CAD, GIS basic data processing, map preparation, spatial analysis and modeling, auxiliary system design and development, database management
  • WebGIS platform design and development

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above in GIS, urban planning, etc., overseas education background is preferred
  • Proficient in using ArcGIS, with spatial modeling experience, proficient in using Arcpy and Model Builder is preferred
  • Proficient in mainstream WebGIS mapping and data visualization development frameworks such as MapboxGL and Leaflet is preferred
  • Knowledgeable in statistical analysis, proficient in using one or more statistical analysis software (such as R, STATA, SPSS, etc.)
  • Familiar with mainstream programming languages such as Python, with data capture experience is preferred
  • With strong learning ability and willingness, excellence at innovation, active mind, good team spirit
  • With strong Chinese and English literacy skills is preferred

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for time-space data mining and analysis in urban planning, construction, transportation, environmental protection, real estate and industry
  • Responsible for statistical, machine learning and deep learning algorithm model development
  • Participate in data visualization development based on WebGIS

Job Requirements

  • Master's degree or above in computer science, statistics, urban planning, geographic information science, etc., overseas education background is preferred
  • Proficient in Python, familiar with mainstream analysis modules such as Pandas and Scikit-learn
  • Proficient in mainstream WebGIS and data visualization tools such as MapboxGL, Leaflet, Echarts
  • Project experience with natural language processing, image recognition is preferred
  • Experience with urban spatio-temporal data processing and familiarity with ArcGIS is preferred
  • With strong learning ability and willingness, excellence at innovation, active mind, good team spirit
  • With strong Chinese and English literacy skills is preferred

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement neural network algorithms for tasks such as image recognition.
  • Conduct research on deep learning and ML algorithms. Train and optimize models.
  • Optimize and customize algorithms according to specific use cases.
  • Track and implement advanced AI algorithms. Explore innovative combinations in fields including city planning, transportation planning, environmental protection, etc.

Job Requirements

  • MS degree / higher in Computer Science, Mathematics or equivalent, with 1+ years of work experience in image processing, NLP, CV or related areas.
  • Solid programming skills, capable of at least 2-3 programming languages including Python. Deep understanding of data structure and algorithms.
  • Familiar with principles and structure of deep learning and ML algorithms and common neural networks including CNN. Expertise in at least one type of open source framework such as Pytorch and Tensorflow.
  • Eager to learn and improve. Possessing great innovative ability and team spirit.
  • Prefer candidates with excellent English reading and writing skills and candidates with overseas education background.
  • Prefer candidates with outstanding performances in related competitions.

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for front-end R&D of C-side products of the company, including web app, WeChat applet, etc
  • Responsible for the research and development of the company's PC-side products, including the WebGIS open platform, data management background, etc.
  • Explore new and efficient front-end development models
  • Deliver the best user experience possible

Job Requirements

  • Substantial expertise for front-end development, proficient in JavaScript/CSS/Html, able to design system modules
  • Familiar with an MVX (React/Vue/Angular) framework
  • Familiar with the engineering build tool (Webpack/FIS);
  • Familiar with WebGL and WebGIS frameworks such as CesiumJS, MapboxGL, and DeckGL
  • Knowledgeable in the backend tech stack, knowledgeable in a backend language (Node.js/Python, etc.), familiar with the collaboration model with the backend
  • Experience with cross-end development (React Native/Weex/Flutter) is preferred
  • Substantial expertise with large website architecture and successful portfolio is preferred

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for mobile and web interface and interaction design across product lines of the company
  • Shape a general picture of product interface style, deeply understand interaction logic, continuously improve user experience
  • Enhance corporate brand image design, develop visual design specifications

Job Requirements

  • Full-time bachelor degree or above in industrial design, visual communication, computer, etc., 1-3 years of UI-related design experience
  • Excellent aesthetic level, broad vision, personal understanding and persistence of design style and principles, strong art skills and excellent creativity, unique insight into brand design
  • Proficient in Axure, Sketch, MockingBot or other prototyping software
  • Proficient in design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Good communication and collaboration skills, execution capability
  • Submission of a complete online or personal portfolio with CV is required

Job Responsibilities

  • Partake in the design and development of Web / Web Mapping front-end systems
  • Partake in the optimization and improvement, rapid iteration of business systems, and propose solutions accordingly

Job Requirements

  • Familiar with HTML+CSS+JavaScript front-end technology
  • Knowledgeable in common open source UI frameworks such as Bootstrap
  • Familiarity with Vue, Node.js framework with project experience is preferred
  • Understanding with WeChat applets is preferred

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for maintaining internal and external corporate system, server and database
  • Assist in project deployment work
  • Responsible for collecting, writing, and sorting out technical documents
  • Responsible for first-line fault reception, recording, and forwarding

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above in computer, electronics, communication, automation, etc.
  • Proficient in Linux, Windows, familiar with Python language, MySQL database
  • Strong learning ability, technical research capacity and execution capability, proactive at work
  • Responsible, patient, committed to quality, able to make analytical judgment, good at troubleshooting and team collaboration
  • Experience in web project deployment and familiarity with docker is preferred
  • Experience in installing and maintaining mainstream operating systems, personally built websites or frequent technical blog posts is preferred

Job Responsibilities

  • Assist in new media content operations and user community management
  • Activity data analysis and reporting
  • Planning, organizing and executing of online/offline product activities
  • Product brand communication and function optimization

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above from universities sponsored by Project 985/211
  • Concern on urban public issues, familiarity with Internet and social operations is preferred
  • Majors in Chinese, media, urban planning, transportation, and design are preferred
  • Strong copywriting and data analysis skills
  • Excel at communication, proactive in work, and strong execution capability
  • Familiar with typesetting tools and graphics software such as PS and AI

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for time-space data mining and analysis in urban, transportation, environment and real estate
  • Partake in the statistical, machine learning and deep learning algorithm model development
  • Partake in user portraits based on public big data, product growth analysis and urban diagnosis

Job Requirements

  • Related majors in data science, statistics, urban planning, geographic information science, etc.
  • Proficient in Python, familiar with mainstream analysis modules such as Pandas and Scikit-learn
  • Proficient in mainstream WebGIS and data visualization tools such as MapboxGL, Leaflet, Echarts
  • Project experience with natural language processing, image recognition is preferred
  • Strong learning ability and willingness, excellence at innovation, active thinking, good team spirit
  • Fluency in written and spoken English is preferred

Job Responsibilities

  • Support spatial data mining and analysis in areas such as urban planning, transportation and the environment
  • Responsible for CAD, GIS basic data processing, map preparation

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above in GIS, urban planning, etc
  • Proficient in ArcGIS with experience in spatial modeling
  • Knowledge in mainstream programming languages such as Python, familiarity with Model Builder or arcpy is preferred
  • Good command of statistical analysis knowledge, proficient in using a statistical analysis software (such as R, STATA, SPSS, etc.)
  • Good command of web-based mapping and data visualization skills is preferred
  • Strong learning ability and willingness, excellence at innovation, active thinking, and fluency in written, spoken Chinese and English is preferred

Job Responsibilities

  • Work with the team in back-end functional module research, design and development
  • Complete other tasks assigned by the company as well as routine work

Job Requirements

  • Proficient in using the Python language and commonly used standard library and third-party module, knowledgeable in common data structures and algorithms, able to understand OOP
  • Familiar with MySQL database, Flask framework, the design idea of RESTful API, and the development in the complete Linux environment
  • Good learning ability, self-management, self-motivation; passionate about programming with good coding style
  • Contribution to open source project and knowledge in other programming languages is preferred

Company Benefits
  • Generous compensation above the industry level
  • Generous paid leave system
  • Opportunities to take part in the greater Beijing area and Pacific Rim team building activities, and global academic exchanges from time to time each year
  • Close cooperation and in-depth exchanges with international organizations such as the World Bank and the Energy Foundation, and big planning institutes such as the Tsinghua Tongheng Urban Planning and Design Institute and the China Academy of Urban Planning and Design
  • Unlimited supply of espresso (globally preferred roasted coffee beans) + afternoon tea
  • Five social insurances and one housing fund in full amount + supplementary medical insurance + high-value accident insurance + regular high-end medical examination
  • Meal subsidy + transportation subsidy + call subsidy
  • Macbook Pro + personalized hardware device in standard configuration
  • Our team

    Jiang Yang | CEO

    Jiang Yang has urban planning PH.D. degree from Tsinghua University. He also has city planning and transportation science Master Degree from MIT, and architecture Bachelor degree from Tsinghua. He is also the chairman of the Low Carbon Green Transportation Technical Committee of the World Transportation Congress, member of the Eco-city Professional Committee of the China Urban Science Research Association, and national registered urban planner. Jiang Yang has more than 10 years working experiences in urban planning and transportation, he has been working with leading national and international teams such as CAUPD, MIT design, WB and ADB on urban planning issues. He has already published more than 30 papers in international SCI journals domestic core journals.

    Gu Peiqin | CTO

    Master of Urban Planning from Columbia University, Bachelor of Economic Geography from Sun Yat-Sen University. His recent major research areas include community planning and public participation information systems, urban planning evaluation information systems, urban geospatial big data mining and algorithm development, and urban geospatial data analysis and visualization based on mobile and new media.

    Dong Nan | CMO

    Dong Nan has both Bachelor and Master Degree of Environmental Science from Tsinghua University. He has more than ten years of experiences on low carbon and sustainable development, specifically in urban strategic planning, environmental planning, and low carbon development planning. He led and participated several important projects during his work with Guangdong Urban Planning Institutes and won the provincial award. During his work with carbon market companies, he helped the company develop the first national investment fund on carbon market, and successfully make the carbon investment fund profit.


    Master of information technology, Graduated from Shandong University of technology, Bachelor degree of PLA Command College, Demobilized Navy radar Lieutenant. Microsoft, Cisco Certified Network, database and security engineer. He has been engaged in big data, information technology and market work in smart city, public security inspection and law department and low carbon environment field for more than 15 years.

    Hao Cheng | Business Manager

    Hao Cheng has long been engaged in business and project management in the low carbon industry, with excellent reputation and business performance. He graduated from the School of Energy and Power, North China Electric Power University. He has participated in the application of big data technology in the energy field and has extensive industry experience in dealing with climate change and corporate carbon management and carbon trading.


    Graduated from Wuhan University of Technology majoring in Urban and Rural Planning, He has years of experience working in onel of the world's top 500 companies, with excellent performance. Also made great contributions to the business and channel development. He has participated in dozens of urban development projects which resulted in a rich resource accumulation.

    Han Zhiyuan | Product Manager

    Master of Science in urban planning from Columbia University, Bachelor of Management from Renmin University of China. Leads Pinstreet Program, the first new media based public participation platform in China. Dominates the street score and low-carbon urbanization model, and identification of urban built-up environment indicators with deep learning. Concentrated in geospatial data analysis and visualization, urban big data mining, and machine learning.

    Ding Wei | Project Manager

    Master of Urban Planning from the University of Washington, GIS from Wuhan University. Her main work areas are geographic data spatial analysis and modeling, big data analysis, and data visualization. She has participated in the “Green Transportation Development Strategy Research in Tianjin Central City” commissioned by the World Bank, Jinan Bus Data Analysis and Visualization, and Shenzhen Pollution Source Survey Big Data Screening Project.

    E RiTi| Algorithm Engineer

    M.Sc. Transportation System from Technical University of Munich, B.Eng. Traffic Engineering from Beijing Jiaotong University. Sufficient experience on Python in fields of data cleaning, data scraping and back-front-end skills in constructing websites. Successfully bid for urban traffic visualization project from ADAC. Mainly focusing on data analysis, data visualization and junior reinforcement learning algorithm applications.

    Yao Xiaoyi | Product Manager

    Obtaining master degree of Digital Design and Interactive Design with Environment from the University of Sheffield in UK, and a bachelor degree in landscape architecture from Harbin Institute of Technology. Having participated in the landscape planning of Qitaihe City and the planning of commercial underground space, the microclimate research program of the university of Sheffield, the parametric design of buildings program and the automatic modeling program of Pingshan in Shenzhen.

    Zhang Qingyuan | Data Analyst

    Master of Geographic Information Systems, Fleming College, Canada, BS in Geographic Information Science, Tianjin Chengjian University. Focus on geographic information visualization and geographic data analysis. She has participated in the web-side data visualization of Jinan City Road Network Diagnosis and Planning Decision Support System, Xi'an University City, Tianjin Sanchakou and other projects.

    Yang Qi | Data Analyst

    Qi Yang holds BS in GIS from Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, and MA in Geography from George Washington University. After graduation, he gained several industrial experience from The World Bank Group, Arlington County Government in Virginia, University of Maryland. He led and finished several GIS data related projects including the data collection, complilation, analysis of Arlington County Parking Meter Survey, north polar wildfire progression simulation, Africa crop yield estimation using remote sensing images and DC house transactions.

    Hu Baosheng | PYTHON Engineer

    Bachelor of Urban Management from the Central University of Finance and Economics. Familiar with Python and Arcpy-based Arcgis secondary development. Mainly engaged in geospatial data collection and analysis, geographic information visualization and machine learning, etc. He has participated in the design of smart city guidelines, Baitasi Remade Plan and other projects.

    Xu Hanyong | Data Analyst

    Hanyong received the Master of Urban Spatial Analytics at the University of Pennsylvania and Honors Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto with a double major in architectural design and economics. She is mainly focused on leveraging urban, geospatial, and architectural data to conduct machine learning model predictions and data visualizations. She has participated in projects such as the Austin Transit Ridership Prediction and Web APP Development, New York Food Desert Prediction, and Argentina Satellite Image Slum Classification with Deep Learning.

    Wang Jing | Product Operation Manager

    Shandong University of Science and Technology, majoring in computer network technology. With over eight years' experience in internet operations, she is good at exploring the commercial nature of the internet industry, operation modes of internet users, "Zero to One" brand and product operation strategy, in realms including music, film and television, O2O, social networking, e-commerce, finance, SaaS, cloud computing, etc.

    Tian Jingchen | Product Operation

    Master of Media Industries from University of Leeds. She is the writer of having ten thousand follows in the Wechat Official Accounts, and she also had played the hot topic of Weibo many times. she had participated in the activity that the building of a new media matrix from “zero to one” many times. She understands the operation rules of new media matrix. She has lots of experience for the spread of Internet products, the building of brand, media public relations and establishing the external image of the enterprise.

    Zhao Wenhua | Software Engineer

    Master of Surveying and Mapping Engineering, Bachelor of Geographic Information System from Wuhan University. With rich experience in web front-end development and GIS development.Familiar with software system development process and experience in requirements analysis and system design. She has participated in projects related to smart cities and judicial informationization.

    Wang rui | Software Engineer

    Engaged in web front and back end development related work, participated in tourism system, Foxconn and global supply chain system related research and development work. And have rich experience in cloud product development, and familiar with crawler, data processing and other work.Representative projects:GSCM, EPO, CPM, etc.

    Zhang Miuyan | Software Engineer

    Master of Urban Spatial Analytics from the University of Pennsylvania, B.Eng. Traffic Engineering from Southeast University. Mainly engaged in the realization of data-driven urban planning and transportation. Participated in the projects such as Baltimore fleet optimization and its website application, Machine learning-based Los Angeles housing price prediction and its visualization webpage, and the research project of Nanjing rail transit and bike-sharing connections based on smart-card and bike-sharing rental data.

    Liao Zhuodi | PYTHON Senior Engineer

    Bachelor of Applied Mathematics, Beijing University of Technology, engaged in cloud computing, big data related project development for many years, contributed code to OpenStack cloud computing open source community, familiar with frontend and backend development, participated in Microsoft incubation cloud computing project, developed support from 0 to 1 JD Digits big data cluster management platform with thousands of nodes.

    Lu Yifei | PYTHON Engineer

    Experienced web back-end developer and capable of deep mining of project demands. With rich experience in B2C and B2B cloud-service product development as well as data mining techniques, he participated in the R&D of Indonesia's largest online payment platform Faspay and India's KrazyBee. Representative work includes Faspay, loanSaas and Fasloan, and currently working on the Pinstreet Program. With rigorous work style and sunny personality.

    Yan Fengyu| PYTHON Engineer

    Master degree of computer sicence from Arizona State University, engaged in full stack developing, experienced in crawler and big data developing. When I was a master student, ,I involved in designing computer vision and machine learning algorithms in APG lab. Aim at algorithm deployment, providing services in daily life.

    Li Xiaoying| Web front-end Engineer

    GIS major from North China University of Technology, with rich experience in GIS-based geospatial data processing and visualization. She has participated in the analysis and visualization of environmental protection and pipe network data, development of Web GIS platforms and pipeline simulation system.

    Sun Hantao| JavaScript Engineer

    As a Master of Human-Computer Interaction of University of St Andrews and Bachelor of Tianjin University, he is skillful in development with native JavaScripte and React. He also has plenty of experience in data visualization in the web front-end environment, such as the visualization of the trend of TED topics in the last 20 years, in which he played the role of the primary developer. When he was an undergraduate student, he was involved in the development of the third version of the Tianjin City Auditing Team Case Online Management System.

    Zhou Weihao | Web front-end Engineer

    Master degree in Information System Architecture from the National Institution of Applied Science of Rouen, France. Professional working proficiency in English, French, and Chinese. Familiar with Angular and Vue frameworks in web development. Having developed independent WeChat applets and used Python to crawl and process data. Also, keen on urban planning and public transportation research, and published relevant videos on many video websites.

    Li Yatong | UI Designer

    Master of Graphic Media Design, University of the Arts London, Bachelor of Visual Communication Design from Xiamen University. She is mainly engaged in visual design, and has been a part of design and development projects for many brands, with deep understanding of brand image building. Specializing in speculative design, multi-media visual forms and exploration of interactive design.

    Qi Yanlin| Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Engineer

    Yanlin Qi holds her MSc in GIS from Peking University and BEng in Remote Sensing from Wuhan University. Her major work falls in areas of spatiotemporal data mining and urban computing, taking PM2.5 prediction as an application. She has led and finished several projects that focused on involving deep learning methods and heterogeneous data for real-time spatiotemporal forecasting of urban PM2.5

    Li GuoRui | DevOps

    Major in computer Science and Technology, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology. Engaged in DevOps operation and maintenance development, have the foundation of big data operation and maintenance, familiar with docker engine, master common database maintenance work, rich ITIL operation and maintenance experience, a rigorous and meticulous way of working, good at communication and cooperation.

    Zhao YuXuan| UI Designer

    Master of Interaction Design from Monash University, Bachelor of Product Design from Guangxi Normal University. She has extensive experience in interaction design and product design projects. Yuxuan has her own unique insights and ideas on user experience design. In teamwork, Yuxuan always enthusiastic and good at communicating with other team members.

    Wang Chunting| UI Designer

    I am a designer with over seven years digital graphic design experience. My work experience covers designs for digital and print media, including websites, online banners,mobile applications, flyers, Amazon product demonstration pages, video editing, and promotion landing pages,mini-sites. I have solid understanding of marketing principles, best user experience practice, web accessibility principles, and advertising techniques. Great attention to detail and a talent for creating memorable visual designs.Enthusiastic team player who is committed to delivering top results on time. Passion for keeping work performancesatisfied with each project. Any chance to join the team would be very much appreciated! I am looking forward to contribute and learn from the team.

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